Banking & Finance

Our firm fully understands that money is the lifeblood of commerce. Financing structures are becoming increasingly sophisticated with interrelated obligations typically found in any financial package.

We bring together a sound understanding of the complexities of today’s commercial transactions with in-depth experience in finance.

We have acted for international and domestic financial institutions including transactions relating to the Labuan International Business & Financial Centre. Through our work, we keep abreast with the developments in this field.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Bridging loans and other commercial-related financing
  • Housing loans
  • Corporate loans and specialised debt instruments, such as ICULS, RCULS or other types of bonds and private debt securities
  • Restructuring of loans and other debt obligations
  • Infrastructure project-related financing
  • Leasing of assets
  • Incorporation of offshore ventures and financial structures
  • Foreign loans
  • Guarantees and performance bonds


Banking & Finance

Datuk Francis Tan

Banking & Finance

Neoh Li Ting